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  • Wildlife WebcamsTune in to watch our Puffin and Gannet colonies LIVE
  • T.A.GOur latest venture! Find out where Ortac's Gannets are going when they aren't on the rock.
  • Teaching Through NatureThe Alderney Wildlife Trust's national education programme. Everythig you need to bring nature into the classroom!
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LIVE: Teaching Through Nature

Join the Alderney Wildlife Trust and witness some of Alderney’s most iconic species LIVE on camera. 2016 will see the return of Puffincam! But that is not all! We will once again be bringing you Project T.A.G. - tracking the movements of our Gannets LIVE using GPS tags. You will be able follow the birds on an online map and find out exactly where they are going when they are not on Ortac - maybe you'll even be able to spot them on Gannetcam!

The Alderney Wildlife Trust and South East Grid for Learning Associates also bring to you LIVE: Teaching through Nature, an educational resource which follows the seabird season with LIVE webcams from the heart of the colonies. This offers schools the opportunity to bring nature into their classrooms. Using the dramatic live streams of seabirds (and Alderney’s other wildlife) this project links directly to the keystage 1 & 2 curriculum, and is an effective way of teaching science and literacy skills, and encouraging pupil creativity and confidence. Click here to learn more.

T.A.G is an exciting project that will continue to give us an amazing insight into the lives of our Northern Gannets. By fitting miniature GPS tracking devices that use the mobile phone network to transmit the positions, we will be tracking the daily movements of Gannets.

These cameras are provided free of charge and any support you can offer to keeping them running will be gratefully received.

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