Welcome to the Alderney puffincams!

These cameras will show you the daily lives of the puffins living on the islet of Burhou, just off the main island of Alderney. The puffins lay eggs in old rabbit burrows on land and rest and gather in groups, known as rafts, on the adjacent sea.
Just a few weeks ago the puffins arrived from their months out at sea, surviving storms and the cold winter in the Atlantic.
Watch as the birds choose their burrow for the nesting season, clearing out any old grass, feathers and poo from last year with their bill and feet or even digging new chambers (look out for flying soil on the cameras!).
Puffins mate for life, so the birds will come together for the breeding season and quite soon the female will lay her single egg. This will take a month to hatch so plenty of time for you to watch the parent birds coming back and forth on the cameras, both parents take turns incubating the egg and they will come back and forth with fish whichever is sitting on the egg.
They might look a little clumsy but Puffins are great flyers, flapping their wings up to 400 times a minute, and even better swimmers, diving up to 60m.