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About AWT Staff

The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) is made up of a number of staff members. Our Ramsar Officer works with the cameras to monitor the puffin breeding success and manages the action plan for the site every year.

Activity Day 2

Hi everyone, Next week will be our second activity day. This year we are conducting activity days slightly different. Instead of having one activity day you can select which date this week will be most suitable for you. We still have some spaces left to fill so please email to reserve your spot! The activity [...]

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Bird Adaptations

When you see on a map how small Alderney is you wouldn't imagine how diverse it is at the same time! Here the landscape is so different: we have tall cliffs and rocky islets, grasslands, scrubland, little forests and valleys, hills, wetlands and of course gardens and a little town. This diversity gives wildlife lots [...]

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How Hedgehogs use habitats

Hedgehogs are foragers, which means they will travel long distances to look for food such as worms, centipedes and other insects. Some hedgehogs have been known to travel up to 5km in one night! This means that hedgehogs use a lot of different habitats to travel and to forage as well as to sleep and [...]

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Guernsey Seabirds Update

A local ringing recovery showed that a shag ringed in Jethou in June 2000 was found dead 14 years later on Cobo beach, Guernsey. It was one of the 50,000 dead seabirds estimated to have been killed by the prolonged bad weather of Feb-March 2014. Shags have been recorded as living as long as 30 [...]

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Welcome to LIVE!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the first Day of LIVE! We are very excited to have you all on board and share with you our special island with its fascinating wildlife. This year there will be 8 topics covered: Island life Habitats Adaptations Food Chains Life Cycles Birds on the Edge Historic Alderney Conservation and [...]

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Nestcam update!

There are still no eggs, albeit the shags have been spending more and more time on the collection of dried seaweed and vegetation that makes up their nest. The pair seem to spend most time on the nest during the early and latter part of the day. Shags have been known to lay their eggs [...]

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Welcome to our brand new webcam blog! Here you will find the latest updates on what is happening on the webcams. Last week our team took a trip out to Burhou to install the final Puffin camera. After many set backs the past week the close-up cam is finally up and running! However, at the [...]

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The Travelling Puffins!

Bring a Burhou Puffin to your school!! We have some very cuddly puffins who would love to visit your school. They would love to learn about your school, see the work you have done as part of LIVE and go on some adventures with the pupils! You can then email Holly your stories and pictures [...]

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