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Spot the odd one out!

Watch the first video and see if you can spot the odd bird out from teh raft of puffins sitting on the sea just off Burhou. Scroll down to find out is you were right and see what the imposter is. Look closely at the shape of the birds! And here's the answer - did [...]

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The pufflings have hatched

You will probably have noticed a big increase in activity from the puffins on the cameras from the last weeks of May onwards. This is because their chicks have hatched! After incubating their eggs for about 6 weeks the parents will finally have a little beak to feed. Puffins only ever have one puffling chick [...]

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Activity increases on the colony

Activity increases as more birds arrive and parents take turns incubating eggs Activity on puffin cameras really picked up in the last week, with lots of puffins appearing on land, walking between the burrows and clumsily taking off to go out to sea and fish. You should hopefully have got a much clearer view of the [...]

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