Blogs describing what the puffins are doing and what you can see on the Puffin Cams for the 2020 breeding season. We follow the birds from their arrival back in Alderney in March through their first appearance on land, mating, egg laying, hatching and rearing a chick. This takes us all the way to July when the young puffins, of pufflings begin to fledge. By the end of July or occasionally the start of August the puffins will have left us again for another season. Then it will be time for the Alderney Wildlife Trust ecologists to see how the population has fared in the 2020 puffin season.

Strange behaviour

The first week of May saw a marked increase in puffin presence on land on the cameras, likely following egg laying recently. Like many of us, the puffins indulged in some gardening over the recent long bank holiday weekend, removing plant matter and earth from the burrow entrances and giving the surrounding area a bit [...]

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Puffins return for 2020 season

First sightings The puffins were first spotted back on Burhou by the Alderney Wildlife Trust on Wednesday 18th March as the team of ecologists went to deploy Puffin Cam. There were 97 rafting, or sitting on the water, in the bay off Burhou designated as a Puffin Friendly Zone. Many of the puffins were also [...]

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