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What does AWT do?

The Alderney Wildlife Trust is the only wildlife conservation organisation in Alderney ad also the only Wildlife Trust in the Channel Islands. We aim to preserve Alderney's environment for future generations by protecting and restoring key species and habitats on the island. These include lots of our most famous wildlife including the seabirds and their [...]

Our Favourite Moments

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley After such a tough time in February and March when over 46,000 seabirds died in the storms, we were all very concerned for our seabird colonies. Some species were fine, whilst others have had poorer years but are still here in healthy numbers [...]

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Seabird Update X

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley ECOLOGIST'S UPDATE I have previously told you about catching and ringing the adult gulls. Well the chicks are now growing up well so this past weekend we were able to go to Burhou to find and ring the chicks! I went to Burhou [...]

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Protected Areas

Click here to play Read by Charley and Dave Whether you are working on a global or local scale for conservation, one of the best techniques is to set aside protected areas. These are locations where human activity is regulated or even banned to limit or eradicate its impact on wildlife. There [...]

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Conservation – A Global Perspective

Click here to play Read by Charley and Dave As mentioned last week there are many threats to wildlife, including our seabirds, and the AWT works to protect Alderney’s habitats and species. But many species, particularly seabirds, do not stay in one location for their whole lives so conservation is needed on [...]

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What Conservation Does AWT Currently Do?

Click here to play Read by Charley Conservation can take many different forms and the AWT pursues them all as much as possible. For example: Active conservation The ringed plovers nest on Platte Saline beach where disturbance from humans and dogs is a problem. So to protect the nests the AWT launched [...]

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Work of the Living Islands Team

Click here to play Read by Charley Hello! We are Martin and Anne-Isabelle and we are the Living Islands Team. Anne-Isabelle and Martin Living Islands is a project about tourism.  Our job is to make Alderney better known in the UK, the Channel Islands and in France, and attract more [...]

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Seabird Update IX

Click here to play Read by Dave ECOLOGIST'S UPDATE Nicci, Cristina and I spent the past couple of days, Monday and Tuesday, working on Burhou. We monitored the puffins, shags and gulls whilst also checking on the rat chew sticks that Nicci laid out on a previous visit and identifying some of the [...]

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