Introduction to Durrell and the chough project

Hi, welcome to the Durrell portion of the project. Durrell is short for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and we are thrilled to be working with the Alderney Wildlife Trust on this exciting project. Durrell is an international wildlife conservation charity based in Jersey where we have a wildlife park, but we also have field [...]

Predators of Seabirds

Click here to play Read by David Whilst seabirds are predators themselves, some of them are also prey. The size, speed and power of our seabirds determine whether or not they are prey to other species’, but there is one time in their lives when all seabirds are potential prey – in [...]

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Work of the Marine Ecology Team

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley Today Mel Broadhurst (Marine Ecologist) has joined Aurelie to tell you about their work in the marine environment which is important for seabirds, by providing a variety of food including fish, limpets and worms. These marine species are also part of wider food chains, [...]

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Seabird Update V

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley ECOLOGIST'S UPDATE Last Thursday we presented a mystery nest on Burhou and asked you what you thought it was. Well later in the day last Thursday Vicky was monitoring the shags on Burhou and checked this mystery nest. Not only was she able [...]

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Diet of Seabirds

Click here to play Read by Charley and Dave Most seabirds are predators, catching fish to sustain themselves and feed to their young. Auks feed on smaller fish such as sandeels (a personal favourite of the puffin), whereas gannets can catch larger species such as mackerel or wrasse. A puffin carrying [...]

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