Final Ecologist Update!

I’m sad to say this is my last update as you’ll all be enjoying your summer holidays at the end of next week! The Puffins won’t be on Burhou for much longer either. During my last stay my Puffin watch site was extremely quiet and I only saw 3 Puffins taking fish into burrows over [...]

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Conservation Volunteers.

Here on Alderney, there is a lot of work to do to protect the special environment we live in. As well as tagging gannets, surveying puffins and other animals, creating and taking care of a freshly planted woodland, we try to care for as many different habitats for as many different native species to survive [...]

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Left the Nest

It seems the shag babies have at last fledged the nest on a rather wet and windy day. We noticed that only one baby Shag was sat on the nest yesterday afternoon. It is probably worth checking again tonight in case they return. -Guernsey Seabird Team

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Nature Reserves

You probably have already heard about Alderney’s West Coast & Burhou Marine Reserve but Alderney holds two more natural reserves. Longis and Val du Sau are terrestrial sites which are managed by the Alderney Wildlife Trust for nature conservation. But what does a Nature Reserve mean and why are these sites important for conserving nature? [...]

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We’re Batty about BATS on Alderney. Our Little Island loves its bats (Chiroptera in Latin).  We don’t have that many types and you probably have more of them where you live, but here on Alderney we’ve grown to really appreciate these small flying mammals. Common Pipestrelle rescued Alderney YOU MUST NEVER HANDLE A BAT [...]

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Final Activity Week!

Hi Everyone It is the final week of LIVE and our very last activity week. We hope you have enjoyed the programme this year and have learnt a lot about our seabirds and wildlife! To sign up please email and the day you would like to complete the tasks. Activity week will run from [...]

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Conservation vs Preservation

One of my very first lectures at university began with the question. What is the difference between conservation and preservation?  Although they have similar definitions conservation is about the proper use of nature, while preservation is about protecting nature from use. It then lead on to a debate, if we put a fence around an area is that [...]

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Nestcam update

I'm delighted to report that the Shag camera family continues to do very well. Here's an image from a few minutes earlier this morning where both adults are back resting at the nest with three very healthy looking fledglings! Let's hope all three youngsters fledge the nest successfully fairly shortly! Chris Mourant ringed two of [...]

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