The Travelling Puffins!

Bring a Burhou Puffin to your school!! We have some very cuddly puffins who would love to visit your school. They would love to learn about your school, see the work you have done as part of LIVE and go on some adventures with the pupils! You can then email Holly your stories and pictures [...]

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St Martins

St Martins school had a visit from one of Barry and Cousteau's friends, Bubbles. Here are some of the adventures Bubbles had with the pupils: Maddie and Lucy St Martins Bubbles at School by Ruby Chloe St Martins Henry and Same St Martins Callum and Kurt St Martins

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The puffin has taken off again and we have called HER Simone - which after a lot of thought, Phileas being rejected, was Jacques Cousteaus wifes name. With Year 4 she helped make film trailers and then helped them with their numeracy. She also watched the last Osprey before it left the nest - [...]

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Rouge Bouillon

Cousteau arrived at our school on Monday and we decided to show her around. This is our front entrance with the school emblem on.   We thought Cousteau might be missing other birds so we took her to meet Sim, our parrot. They got on brilliantly and are now great friends!   [...]

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Barry, one of our Travelling Puffins, visited Sellindge School in Kent. Here are some photos of Foxes' class pupils with their visitor taking a peek at various bits of work they have been completing: posters on the seven life processes; planning a route to Alderney from our school and tackling some data handling on [...]

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Priory Fields

Barry the Puffin came to visit us at Priory Fields School in Dover. We were very excited and he was very helpful!   We looked at him closely and used his features to help make pieces of art. We drew and printed our own puffins, copying his features and made this wonderful display which [...]

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Le Murier

Le Murier is a school in St Sampsons, Guernsey and they have 10 pupils joining in with Live. Cousteau arrived just in time at Le Murier School to take part in a very special James Bond theme day Everyone all dressed up for the James Bond theme day with Cousteau Cousteau had [...]

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