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Storm Petrel Ringing Weekend

A few weekends ago, Jenni and Robert from the AWT were joined by a small team from the Channel Island ringers, led by Chris Mourant. The main focus was to catch and ring our smallest breeding seabird on Burhou – the Storm Petrel. These tiny birds breed in the crevices of rocks and burrows in [...]

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Fledglings Return

Fascinating behavior recorded on the seabird webcam nest on the 10th of July, with two of the fledged Shag chicks returning, recorded in the attached photo at 7.45 in the morning.  It seems that even once they have fledged the nest, they continue to return, presumably to roost at night. - Guernsey Seabird Team

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Left the Nest

It seems the shag babies have at last fledged the nest on a rather wet and windy day.  We noticed that only one baby Shag was sat on the nest yesterday afternoon.  It is probably worth checking again tonight in case they return. -Guernsey Seabird Team

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Nestcam Update

I'm delighted to report that the Shag camera family continues to do very well. Here's an image from a few minutes earlier this morning where both adults are back resting at the nest with three very healthy looking fledglings! Let's hope all three youngsters fledge the nest successfully fairly shortly! Chris Mourant ringed two of [...]

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Sheltering Chicks

The three shag chicks are growing fast and now have the start of feathers showing through the downy fluff.  The attached photo shows Mum standing near the nest on a cold wet June day.  She still feeds the chicks and protects them from the elements. - Guernsey Seabird Team

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Proud Mum

The first shag chick has hatched and if you link in regularly you may be able to see the featherless chick sitting under the parent bird.  We hope that the other two eggs will shortly hatch.  Please let us know if you spot the chicks

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Guernsey Seabirds Update

A local ringing recovery showed that a shag ringed in Jethou in June 2000 was found dead 14 years later on Cobo beach, Guernsey. It was one of the 50,000 dead seabirds estimated to have been killed by the prolonged bad weather of Feb-March 2014. Shags have been recorded as living as long as 30 [...]

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Nestcam update!

There are still no eggs, albeit the shags have been spending more and more time on the collection of dried seaweed and vegetation that makes up their nest. The pair seem to spend most time on the nest during the early and latter part of the day. Shags have been known to lay their eggs [...]

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