awt_smAlderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) has been responsible for the protection and management of Alderney’s Internationally Important Wetland, or Ramsar Site, since 2005. In that time its staff and volunteers have worked hard to understand and protect the seabirds of the little island of Burhou, whether they be charismatic Puffins or majestic Lesser Black-Backed Gulls. Living Islands Live enables the AWT to invite others to join it in caring for our beautiful islands- not only as wildlife havens but also as a special places to live.

The work of AWT, including LIVE, is only possible through the support of our partners, and you, our audience, so welcome to Burhou and please enjoy the experience.


segfl_logoThe role of the SEGfL Associates is to promote the use of broadband technology across the curriculum. To this end the Living Islands Live project uses live and recorded footage to help young learners understand and appreciate Britain’s diverse wildlife.

Follow the story…..experience the journey! We are committed to giving learners of all ages unique access to the natural world around them.


Birds on the Edge logo

Birds on the Edge is a partnership between the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, States of Jersey Department of the Environment and National Trust for Jersey with the aim of supporting the active management of Jersey’s coastal land to restore populations of birds and bring the red-billed chough back to the Island.

Social and economic changes in Jersey over the past 100 years have seen increasing development, agricultural intensification and a move away from mixed farms with a consequent loss of livestock grazing marginal areas of the coastline. This has led to the spread of invasive native and non-native species such as bracken and hottentot fig on our coastal areas causing a loss of good quality habitat. These changes have exacerbated problems for local wildlife with the consequent loss and decline of many birds like the skylark, yellowhammer and stonechat.
Find out more about how Durrell and Birds on the Edge have helped with LIVE. 

sure, channel islands, network, mobile Sure
became involved in the development of puffin and storm petrel webcams in 2011. It was a natural venture for the telecommunications company with a strong background in educational support and as the principal broadband supplier in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

With the development of the Living Island’s project and the use of new high resolution radio frequency camera feeds on Burhou, Sure’s’ Unlimited Pro package’ has enabled the video to be streamed live back to the website and directly into the classroom.

Sure’s aim in sponsoring this work is to enable the development of future research and the engagement of people in the natural world. The organisation hopes that by using the same technology in the future more of our natural spectacles will be viewed and enjoyed by the community gaining better understanding and appreciation of our beautiful islands and the diverse wildlife they support.’


soa_smThe States of Alderney has supported the creation and running of this project since its inception in 2005. Having had Burhou and the surrounding reefs, islets and waters designated as an Internationally Important Wetland (Ramsar) site in 2005, the States has worked with the Alderney Wildlife Trust in order to develop a greater understanding of this great asset and how to protect it.

The States believes that Alderney and its islets are a group of Living Islands bathed in history and flourishing with the wildlife which its unique heritage has helped to create.  Therefore the Living Islands Live site is a natural way to encourage others to share this vision of our unique islands - welcome to Burhou.