Now we can get back out on the boat as lockdown eases in the Bailiwick of Guernsey we have been trying to do some catch up on the seabird monitoring we would usually carry out in spring. When we were passing the other auks (razorbills and guillemots) on the south coast we saw this razorbill, proving it’s not just the puffins with hungry mouths to feed!

Guillemots and razorbills have quite a unique fledging method where the young birds must jump off their rocky ledge, where they have spent their whole life up to that moment, followed by their parent. These auks, closely related to puffins, fledge earlier. Most will have fledged now. They are about on the water for a little longer, often around Coque Lihou (where many breed), Burhou and Les Etacs. 


We are also seeing a lot of storm petrel activity on the cameras. These small birds spend most of their life on the ocean but come to land to breed. They will soon be laying their eggs as they have one of the latest seabird breeding seasons. Look out for them wizzing by on the cameras at night!