First sightings

The puffins were first spotted back on Burhou by the Alderney Wildlife Trust on Wednesday 18th March as the team of ecologists went to deploy Puffin Cam. There were 97 rafting, or sitting on the water, in the bay off Burhou designated as a Puffin Friendly Zone. Many of the puffins were also seen flying about in small groups, their wings a blue as they zoomed by close to the water. In 2019 the puffins were first seen back on 20th March which is why the Puffin Cams were chosen to be set-up on the 18th, before the birds began to spend much time on land.

Puffins and puffin cam 2020

What are the puffins up to?

For the next week or so the puffins will mostly be on the water, leaving to feed and getting ready for the breeding season after the long winter out in the Atlantic Ocean. Puffins are superbly adapted to life on the water with their large webbed feet, waterproof feathers and special glands on their beak that let them drink seawater and expel the salt. They actually spend the majority of their life at sea, only returning to land to breed.  

Soon the puffins will begin to make landfall and will be seen more on the other two cameras, but for now Colony Cam is the place to be! Colony Cam can focus on the puffins on the water and pans round for daily tours of Burhou. Why not see how many puffins you can count sitting in the bay (you may need to take a screen shot for this)? So far the most we have seen was 139 on the morning of the 25th March.

Did you know…

When puffins fly they flap their wings so fast they become a blur. Their wings can beat up to 400 times in a minute when they reach their top speed of around 50mph!