Writing their starfish pledges

Writing their starfish pledges

The pupils at Haydn school were busy creating posters raising awareness about marine litter and looking at handling numbers, like those we get from surveys.

Here are some pictures of posters that the Year 2 and Year 4 children worked on together. They used the data to create pictograms and tables, they also created 'Save the Seas' posters.

Data handling

Haydn AD 4 (3)

Haydn AD 4 (4)

Haydn AD 4 (5)

Haydn AD 4 (6)

Haydn AD 4 (7)

Haydn AD 4 (8)

IZZY and NIA size, wingspan weight

Species jude and sukhmaan


A few of the pupils also made a gannet nest as Tim put in the blog post Caring for the Young