Year 2 Puffins Days Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School

Year 2 have been having a great time learning about puffins in terms 5 and 6. This formed part of our literacy and we wrote non chronological reports and explanation texts all about Puffin Migration. We are now puffin experts! We read the daily digest every day and also watch the live cam. We also know quite a lot about other sea birds.

We held 2 activity days where we:

  • Made clay puffins and painted them
  • Dressed a puffin
  • Painted a tile with acrylic paints
  • Made a puffin maths game for Year 1
  • Puffin masks

We also have displays in our classrooms all about puffins. We use these to help us with our writing. We painted puffins using paint and flour. The flour gave our paintings texture. They are very colourful and fun!

Mrs Saint and Mrs Cork drew a map on the playground with chalk. We wore our puffin masks and migrated from Scotland to Burhou. This really helped us understand migration. We also acted out a text map all about migration.


DSC09019 (Small)

DSC09028 (Small)

DSC09038 (Small)

DSC09039 (Small)

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DSC09043 (Small)


Oscar – I enjoyed making the clay puffins because it got my fingers sticky.


Becky – I enjoyed everything about the puffins.


Jess – I liked it when we painted the puffin picture with flour.


Carmel – Painting the puffins was a fun, new activities. I liked learning about the different wing spans in maths.


Wilfred – I liked learning about what puffins do and what they look like.


Hannah – The puffin project was fun because we got to make different kinds of puffins.


Moss – I loved every part of doing the puffin project because I love animals and birds.


Lucy – I liked writing the puffin diary books because I liked thinking about what a puffin does every day.


Samuel- I go on the puffin camera every day at home and so does my mum. We like it because there is different species of birds and there are puffins.


Katie – I liked making the puffin games and playing them with Year 1.


Kenneth - I enjoyed the puffin day because we got to make the games.


Felix – I liked puffin day as well because I really liked making the clay models.


Loreta – I liked painting the tiles because it was fun!


Stanley – The puffin project was great fun because I liked the clay modelling and the games and everything else that we did!


George – Clay modelling was fun because we had to try and shape the puffin properly.