We have one airport in Alderney and it's only small! After you check-in you wait until your flight. You go through security then walk to the plane.


This one's called Joey and there are books written about Joey's adventures. Sadly, for this trip I was on a different plane.
They are only small planes and can sit 18 people. This was my pilot for my flight from Alderney to Southampton, it takes about 45 minutes.


I was lucky and got to sit behind the Captain.


The planes do not fly too high so you can get some really great views from the plane. Here we're flying over Alderney.

Flying over Alderney `

Flying over Alderney2

The planes can be noisy as you sit so close to the propellers. Going to Southampton I got to fly over the Isle of Wight and got a good view of The Needles.

Flight path
Needles                                         Needles close up

I had a nice day to fly to Soouthampton, but we can often have problems with fog. The planes can not fly in fog so we can sometimes end up stuck on Alderney. This can sometimes be annoying but is not too much of a problem. If we have any emergencies then we still have the lifeboat.