Melrose in Guernsey have been hard at work for the past 5 weeks learning about puffins!

The girls all completed this quiz on puffins:

  1. What colour is the puffin's beak?________________________________________


  1. What is a baby puffin called? ___________________________________________


  1. What do puffins eat? _________________________________________________________


  1. How many times a minute do their wings flap when they fly?________________________________________________________



  1. How long can a puffin stay under water? ________________________________


  1. Where do they make their nests?_______________________________________


  1. How many eggs do puffins lay? ________________________________________


  1. What month are the eggs laid in?________________________________________


  1. Where do puffins go in the rest of the year when they are not here?_______________________________________________________



What are the beaks made from?_________________


Do you know all the answers to these questions yet?

Then the class made puffin masks - I think they all look great, very realistic

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Thanks for much for sending in your work Melrose - and remember we love seeing what your students have been up to!