The AWT team went to Burhou to begin the seabird monitoring program for 2013 this past Monday, 8th April. The main task was to fix the live cameras, which has proved to be successful as Puffins were seen online from 6pm to 7pm Monday evening.

Whilst on Burhou the team carried out a Puffin raft count. The Puffins prefer to be on the water rather than on land, so just before they come in to start laying eggs they are most commonly seen just offshore. When they group together on the water it is called a raft. This first raft count of the season totalled 52 Puffins on the water.

Puffin RaftPuffins

With so many Puffins just offshore the activity on the live cameras will begin to increase very soon, so keep watching and enjoy the season!

The other seabird being monitored on this occasion was the Shag. As they start breeding slightly earlier than the other species on Burhou the first Shag nests were found on the rocks around the edge of the island. One nest even contained eggs.

Shag eggs

Shag Nest

With the Puffins rafting, the Shags making nests and Lesser Black-backed Gull numbers increasing on the island every day the breeding season has certainly begun. Watch the blog for regular updates on the progress of the season.