Dear Colleague

Great to see on the webcams so much activity around the rabbit burrows on Burhou! Hopefully you have been able over the past couple of weeks to watch some of the amazing video and read Tim’s super Daily Digest blogs?

How soon will it be before we start to see some of the baby Puffling chicks?

As usual behind the scenes lots has been happening. So please take a few moments to read the latest newsletter. Apologies to all the schools that had planned to take part in the second activity day on June 24th. We hope you and indeed every school will be taking part in the activity day on Thursday 11th July. The season finale as we plan to say good-bye to the Burhou Puffins until late next spring.

Seabird Update

As we near the end of the Living Islands: Live program for this term some of the Seabirds are also coming to the end of their season. Whilst there are many young chicks still present around the islands, the majority of Shag chicks are nearly fully grown - and many are fledging already.

Shag fledgling

Shag fledgling

It is not just the Shags that are getting close to the end. The Auks are also getting to the fledging stage, and with the first Puffin bringing fish into the burrow being seen on the 26th May then the Puffling could fledge as early as the 29th June! But it may take until the 9th July. So keep an eye on the cameras as we hope to get the first Puffling before the end of term - but don't forget to keep watching after school finishes as they will be fledging all the way until the end of July!

The Gulls are in the middle of the chicks growth and will be running around Burhou until the end of July as well, whilst the Gannets won't be fledging until September.
Although the Daily Digests finish at the end of our 12 week program, I will still do occasional blog posts to summarise the breeding season for each species as they leave our shores one by one until next year. So keep logging in at home, and let the kids know to do the same, to get the final updates on a brilliant season on Burhou!

A Puffin Season on Burhou Video

The SEGFL Associates are presently producing a video to promote the Living Islands Live project and celebrate all the work that has taken place over the past 9 months. We all hope the video is completed and up on line to view before the end of this term together with details about how schools can support the project during the winter months and register interest in Living Islands Live 2014.

Our Travelling Puffins Update – What is happening in our project

We are not hearing much back from our two Travelling Puffins, Barry and Cousteau. It would be great to any photos or stories you have from when one of our Travelling Puffins visited your school. Thank you to all those schools who have sent things back, we have received some great work and photos from some schools already. You can see where the Travelling Puffins have been at Email anything you wish to be included to Aurelie.

July Flashmeeting Dates

We have one final Flashmeeting remaining of the project. The Flashmeeting are a brilliant chance for your pupils to ask Aurelie and Tim any questions. The last Flashmeeting will be on:

Friday 5th July 1000 – 1130. Use this link to access the Flashmeeting on the day:

Puffin Activity Day NEW Date! – Thursday 11th July 2013

We’ve changed the date of the second Activity Day, which will now be on Thursday 11th July. We’re keeping the theme of Pufflings and are hoping as many of you can join in and take part as a celebration of the project. You will shortly be receiving an outline of the day’s activities.

Living Islands Live – A Puffin season on Burhou Staff Questionnaire – Review of feedback

We were really pleased with the feedback we received from schools. The live cameras, constantly updated website, particularly the Daily Digests and comments aspects, and the chance for pupils to interact with people working in the environmental field and getting specialised input were highlighted as being really positive by schools. Schools also commented that the flashmeetings were well received by pupils who enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and find out what other schools were doing in the project.

The Living Islands Live website – Feedback shows that this is a ‘totally unique way’ to learn about habitats and wildlife and link it to other curriculum subjects (notably maths, literacy, art, ICT and geography.)
We had a lot of feedback on the resources, which is really great although we do appreciate there are areas to be improved. Key points to improve on resources were; change resources for KS2 as some were lacking for more advanced pupils, re-assess order of topics, and extend to wider wildlife on Alderney rather than focus so heavily on Puffins.

Other points to think for the future were to extend the project to cover wider wildlife of Alderney, link with Wildlife Trusts to incorporate an outdoor aspect, and having an easier way to see new comments by pupils.
Overall, one questionnaire seemed to sum up the feeling from all those we received back, that overall Live Islands Live ‘is a great project with the potential to be even better’.

We are really grateful for all comments on Live and want to hear your opinions! This will help us to improve the project for next year.

Date of final project newsletter: - Friday 12th July 2013

Best Wishes

Aurelie Bohan – Alderney Wildlife Trust, People and Wildlife Officer

Tim Morley – Alderney Wildlife Trust, Seabird Ecologist

Phil Bracegirdle – South East Grid for Learning Associates

Tim Hall - Living Islands: A Puffin Season on Burhou Web Manager