Spring Time on Burhou

Spring Time on Burhou

Dear Colleague

The start of Term 5 and the beginning of the Living Islands Live: A Puffin Season on Burhou is now less than 3 weeks away!

To keep you posted regards developments please take a few moments to read this newsletter. Over the next 12 weeks you will receive a weekly project update.

Webcam Update

You might have noticed that this week the webcam has not been transmitting live images. This is due to the very poor weather we experienced last week-end. The Alderney Wildlife Trust Team hope to be able to land on Burhou in the next couple of days to rectify the problem. Sadly the weather this week has been too windy for their boat to make the trip. Rest assured we will have the problem sorted in the next few days.


You should by now have received your website log-in and password from Tim Hall. We have issued every school with a single with user log-in. However, if you want additional log-ins created please contact Tim direct.


The Life Cycle unit of resources has been added to the website and the unit about Food Chains will be added before the end of this week. Please feedback any comments and let us know if you would like anything to be added? If it is possible we will strive to provide everything you request.

During the Easter break the following resources will also be added to the site. Use your log-in and password to regularly check for updates. As promised all the Teaching & Learning will be uploaded and available for you to access online by Friday 12th April.

Forthcoming resources

  • Dependence – 2 week block
  • Conservation & Protection – 2 week block
  • Literacy Activities
  • All about Alderney (video/photographs and information about the people who live and work on the island

Visiting your School! -Please support us!

Here is where the AWT Team moor their boat when they visit Burhou.  Can you see the fishermen’s cottage in the background?

Here is where the AWT Team moor their boat when they visit Burhou.
Can you see the fishermen’s cottage in the background?

To promote the project the Aldeney Wildlife Trust have 2 cuddly Toy Puffins that they plan to send to all the schools taking part in the project. Similar to Barnarby Bear we ask that you send us photographs of the Puffin in your school together with a short piece (written/PowePoint presentation) about your school and where it is situated. That way we will all know a little more about the schools taking part in this summer’s Puffin project!

Name the Puffins – Please support us!

Presently the cuddly Puffin toys do not have names! To rectify this matter we will be holding a competition at the start of next term. All we are asking is for your pupils to come up with a name for each of the Puffins and yes there will be a small prize! A lot of fun – please encourage your pupils to take part. Entries must be returned by Monday 22nd April 2013

Weekly Weather Reports

From next week (Friday 5th April) we will be providing weather reports for the previous 7 days (including daily temps/rainfall/wind direction.) This information will be published on an Excel Spreadsheet and a poster that you can display (if you choose) in your classroom.

Need further information? ……………….. Any matters not covered?

Please drop us a line.

Have an enjoyable Easter! – Next newsletter Friday 5th April 2013

Best regards

Aurelie Bohan – Alderney Wildlife Trust
E-mail: info@alderneywildlife.org

Phil Bracegirdle – South East Grid for Learning Associates
E-mail: pbracegirdle@segfl.org.uk

Tim Hall - Living Islands: A Puffin Season on Burhou Web Manager
E-mail: info@livingislands.co.uk