Dear Colleague

Many thanks to everyone who has visited the website and posted comments this week!

Still very early in the Puffin Season but we expect more visitors to return to Burhou next week as the temperature outside finally begins to rise.

Puffin Update

Puffin activity is increasing now as they get ready to lay their eggs. With laying due to start within the next week or two you can see Puffins ‘billing’ in a courtship gesture, as well as collecting vegetation and feathers to line their nests with.

From just a few at a time we are now seeing double figures of Puffins on the panoramic camera at a time – the season is certainly picking up pace.

Next Week’s Daily Digest

Watch out for our Seabird Ecologists Daily Digests about the life of seabirds (and people!) on Burhou; get all the latest information on the progress of the breeding season and see the latest clips of the Puffins trundling about their burrows.

On Monday look out for the Daily Digest 'What we do when we go to Burhou' as Tim explains how the AWT team organize and go about a trip to monitor the seabirds.

“New” The audio blog – Launching Next Week

We are aware that many pupils are unable to read and follow events posted on the Daily Digest. To resolve this matter Tim and the Team will, from Monday, be publishing regular audio reports on the website for pupils to replay.

Just look out in the future for the radio microphone symbol at the bottom of the written report.

Website Updates – User Accounts

If you would like a separate user account for your pupils to use, please do let us know, we can create as many accounts as required. We can also block areas of the website for certain accounts, for example, if you wanted your pupil account to be able to access the Daily Digest and School Zone Blog but not the Resources section. Please email Tim Hall – with any account requests, and any other technical support.

More resources added to the website – About Alderney

This week we have added a new photo set to the resources section. Titled “Flying to Alderney” the set contains photos of the air service to and from Southampton and images of Alderney from the air.

Other additions this week include short biographies by members of the Trust Team and Volunteers and five high quality short films about Alderney.

Literacy Resources – Presently, while this newsletter is being compiled Phil is working on the Literacy Pack. The pack will be ready and up online by the end of this week-end.

Name the Puffin competition

Thank you to D’Auvergne School, Jersey for their name suggestions. I know that a few more schools are busy coming up with names and we are looking forward to hearing them. Get you name suggestions to us by Friday 26th April at 12pm when we will be picking the winners!

You can email your suggestions to or put a comment under the Traveling Puffins blog post (

When will the Alderney Puffin be visiting your school?

Travelling Puffins

From next week our 2 Alderney Puffins will be visiting all the schools in the project. 1 will be visiting Channel Island Schools whilst the other will be traveling to schools on the UK mainland. So please be ready to receive a parcel in the post!

What should we do?

During the short stay at your school can you please supply us with any/all of the following:

  • Photographs of the Puffin in your school
  • A short report about how your school is supporting the project
  • Any examples of pupil’s work (including Art/ICT Work)

Then at the end of the stay please put the Puffin back in the box and forward it to the next school on the list.

Any questions please email or call Aurelie


Please see last page for the rotas. We are missing a lot of addresses, could those schools highlighted in red please email Aurelie with the school address asap so we can update the list.

Next opportunity for your pupils to video conference with Tim & Aurelie!

The second opportunity for your pupils to meet Tim and Aurelie and ask questions about the island and its sea birds will be from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm on Friday 26th April 2013. The flashmeeting link for this session is enclosed below.


To take part please e-mail Aurelie asap to confirm your class/school time for that afternoon.

William Fletcher Primary School, Yarnton, Oxfordshire

A warm welcome to the pupils and staff at the William Fletcher Primary School in Yarnton, Oxfordshire. Enjoy the project and the opportunity to make new friends!

From Jersey/Guernsey to East Kent to Oxfordshire and South Hampshire we are delighted to report that schools from across the region will be following developments on Alderney from now until the end of the summer term.

Have a great week everyone! Next newsletter Thursday 25thh April 2013

Best wishes

Aurelie Bohan – Alderney Wildlife Trust, People and Wildlife Officer

Tim Morley – Alderney Wildlife Trust, Seabird Ecologist

Phil Bracegirdle – South East Grid for Learning Associates

Tim Hall - Living Islands: A Puffin Season on Burhou Web Manager

Channel Islands Travelling Puffin Rota

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