Dear Colleague

Amazing to think that we are nearly half way through the project! Thank you for your kind words and support.

Help us to develop the project!

To provide feedback and help us plan for the future can you take a few minutes over Whitsun to complete the attached questionnaire? Just a single side of A4.

In particular we are keen to find out what your pupils are doing in the classroom and if the project is helping young people learn about seabirds and the marine environment?

Plus do tell us if you are experiencing any difficulties viewing the video clips or other materials on the website? It has been brought to our attention this week that Vimeo (our video streaming host) is blocked in some LA’s.

Seabird Update

Shag tagging team enjoying the ride!

Shag tagging team enjoying the ride!

Whilst the Puffins are now safely incubating their eggs the AWT team are shifting focus to the Shags for the time being. Working with the University of Liverpool a GPS tracking programme is being conducted to learn more about this species' foraging behaviour in a marine environment currently affected by marine pollution and fisheries, and potentially affected by proposed tidal energy plants.

The Gulls have now started laying eggs all over Burhou and the Shag chicks have started hatching. So the breeding season is in full swing and we expect the Puffins to join the party very soon.

Next Terms Daily Digest

Next term we will be watching the cameras closely for Puffins brining Sandeels into burrows as the first sign of hatching Pufflings. We will also see how Tim and Vicky more from tagging Shags to tagging Gannets, and how Tim is joined by the Guernsey ringers to ring Gulls (and hopefully Storm Petrels).

The rest of the AWT staff will continue to tell you all about their roles within the organisation, and there will be new photos and/or videos everyday for you to enjoy. We will also be telling you all about our work on Fulmar and Common Tern monitoring as our surveying roster increases.

Next term is shaping up to be very busy and extremely exciting for us here at the AWT and we will be telling you all about it in the Daily Digests.

Website Updates

As per Phil's note above, we have had a couple of reports of schools not being able to view the fantastic videos that Tim Morley is embedding into his Daily Digest posts. This is due to our video hosts,, being blocked by the LA's network. To help us find the best solution, please do let us know if you have had similar issues when completing the attached survey.

The new “Travelling Puffins” section will soon be live on the website, so keep your eyes peeled for announcement on the school blog. More on the Travelling Puffins below!

Resources Update

The Maths resources gallery has been updated. New resources include Channel population statistics, Ferry crossing timetables and flight times and costs from Southampton to Alderney.

For a more in depth analysis of population download and read the 2001 Census reports for Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey.

More super photos added to the website! The following seabird photo sets have been added:

  • Puffin Gallery Gulls Gallery
  • Gannet Gallery Other Seabirds
  • Shags Gallery

Food Chain resources: Please note the original Food Chain activity cards have been replaced. If you downloaded and distributed these resources to colleagues please download the new set that shows the arrows pointing upwards.

School Zone Blog

Visit the blog for news this week about the travelling Puffins, the Puffin activity day at Godinton Primary and super work from pupils at St Sampsons!

We’d really like to use this section of the site to let you and your pupils showcase any work. We’ve had some brilliant photos and examples from some schools. All you need to do is email Aurelie with some photographs of work and say what you’ve been up to and it’ll be put up on the blog.

Our two Travelling Puffins, Cousteau and Barry, have been busy on their adventures visiting schools. We’ve had back some brilliant accounts and photos showing us what they have be up to. Tim H is busy working hard to create a new section in the blog so you can follow their adventures.

FlashMeeting web conferences

Tim and Aurelie have really enjoying doing the Flashmeetings with the schools and answering questions from the pupils. We hope that you all get a chance to join in and if you have any questions on setting up the Flashmeetings please email us so we can help out. In the next newsletter we will publish the links for the next few weeks’ Flashmeetings.

Click on the link below to find out what pupils did during the Puffin Activity Day for schools on Thursday 23rd May 2013

Next newsletter will be published on 4th June 2013

Best wishes & have a super mid-term break!

Aurelie Bohan – Alderney Wildlife Trust, People and Wildlife Officer

Tim Morley – Alderney Wildlife Trust, Seabird Ecologist

Phil Bracegirdle – South East Grid for Learning Associates

Tim Hall - Living Islands: A Puffin Season on Burhou Web Manager

Travelling Puffins

Dear all,

Our two Travelling Puffins, Cousteau and Barry, have already set out on their adventures and visited a number of schools. I’d just like to remind you what we’d ideally like from your school when you get a special visitor fly in.

If you could keep the Puffin’s stay to a few days this would really help. They have long journeys to go round all the schools involved in the project and we don’t want any to miss out! We’d love to get a photograph of the Puffin with each of the classes involved in Live. If you do not wish to have your pupils photographed how about a photo of the Puffin with the school sign?

  • Any additional photos to show the Travelling Puffins adventures.
  • Examples of the children’s work related to Live.
  • Any tales of Cousteau and Barry’s adventures either from you or the children.
  • Please send onto the next school on the rota (see below)
  • If you can email me to say you have received one of the Travelling Puffins, and email any photographs or text directly to
  • We are currently creating a section of the website so you can follow Cousteau and Barry’s adventures.

I hope you enjoy the visit from one of our Travelling Puffins!

Aurelie Bohan – Alderney Wildlife Trust, People and Wildlife Officer