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Check back in July to watch the real-time map for 2019 and hopefully see the maps from the 2017 geolactors showing the Alderney gannet migration journeys 


Welcome to Track A Gannet (T.A.G.) a fascinating and exciting project offering an unrivalled insight into the life-cycle of Britain’s largest native seabird- the Northern Gannet.





T.A.G. is jointly run by the Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT), the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and University of Liverpool, and has enabled gannet movements to be under surveillance using the 3G mobile network. We have tracked Alderney's Gannets again in 2017 for the third year running. After the third year of the project we hope there will be enough data to begin to draw some meaningful statistical conclusions on where the birds go.
You can follow the bird's movements in real time on the map below. Please note the tags update every time them come within range of a 3G mobile network, and may be limited by solar battery charge. 

Final map from 2017


The final map from 2016 - including the track for Cosmo, our record breaking Gannet can be found below.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported us throughout the T.A.G. project!  This work wouldn't be possible without your help. If you are interested in sponsoring a T.A.G. or contributing to the T.A.G. project please get in touch with Claire - peopleandwildlife@alderneywildlife.orgUntitled

To find out more about our gannets and the technology behind the tags click here. You can sign up for newsletter updates on the T.A.G. project by getting in touch.

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The map below shows the Gannet acitvity we recorded in 2015 - some of the bird made some amazing journeys, some in just one foraging trip!

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A map of our tagged Gannet activity from 2015

If you are having problems viewing this map through a Mac or Android device you may need a Flash Media enabled browser to see the stream. We recommend for Macs - Puffin Browser and for Android devices - Photon Flash Browser.  If you are still experiencing difficulties please contact us on




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