Using 21st century technology to capture wildlife in its natural habitat

This is not a static but an interactive website. News updates, videos, photographs and short reports about the Burhou Puffins and other seabirds will be posted daily on these pages by the Alderney Trust Ecology Team during breeding season.

Keeping you up to date daily with developments on Burhou Island


Live daily video streaming – Our outdoor webcams are situated in the centre of the Puffin colony. Check each day for new Puffin activity. Watch the birds enter and leave their burrows. Capture that special moment when the first Puffling chicks step outside their burrow for the very first time!



Blogging with the Ecology Team – Check our project blog every day for new posts about what is happening on Burhou. Post your questions for members of the AWT Ecology Team to answer. Tell the Team what you have found out about Puffins in school. Post your work here for others to see!

Video conferencing

Web conference – To explain what is happening each week on Burhou, schools will have the opportunity to prepare questions for the video conference with members of the Ecology Team. Discover what challenges the young Pufflings must overcome before they can join the colony at sea.

Other features:

video puffins feeding

Video clips filmed by members of the Ecology Team - Look out each day for short close-up video clips of the Puffins as they build their burrows and search for food.

Video and pod casts - Watch and listen as members of the Ecology Team go about their daily tasks on Burhou.

The photographic gallery - Life on Burhou is ever changing. Visit the Photo Gallery each day to view high quality resolution images of the Puffins, Storm Petrels and other seabirds.

Alderney weather station - The mild climate Burhou enjoys all year round plays an important role in supporting wildlife. Check the Alderney weather station here every day, to discover if our weather is similar to what you are experiencing.

Activity Days

Throughout the project we will be posting details about extra activities and how you can take part, including our popular Activity Days.