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The life cycle of the Alderney Puffins

Use our quality library of resources to help your students understand why the Alderney Puffins visit the island of Burhou for 18 weeks each year.

Living Islands: Live - 11 Week Plan

image 12 week plan

The Science and cross-curricular resources stored on this website have been carefully designed to support the 11 week project plan.

View the LIVE project 11 week plan.

Science Activities

image food webs

Science activities include adaptation, life cycles, food chains, habitats, caring for the young and conservation and protection

View Food Chain Topic Plan

Mathematical Data

Daily and weekly mathematical data providing pupils with information about Puffin numbers, frequency, location, climate and daily weather reports

Literacy Activities

image literacy plan

Literacy activities – fiction and non-fiction tasks, including persuasive writing on current environmental topics.

View Live Literacy Plan.

Geography and History

Geography & History – Research and find out about the relief, climate and history (including World War 2 – Living under German occupation)

Live Webcam Streams and High Quality Videos

Below is a clip taken from from one of our webcams on Burhou, from 2012.

Our webcams, throughout this year's project, will capture more stunning videos of Puffins in their natural habitat.