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Choughs flying free in Jersey

Choughs flying free in Jersey

Our time with you is coming to an end. Next week the team from Alderney will take back the reins. We hope you have enjoyed learning about Durrell's work with the choughs and how Birds On The Edge is helping to return the choughs to the Channel Islands.

There are many other projects Birds On The Edge is involved with to help restore coastal farmland and its wildlife. Over the last two years for example, some farmers working on the north coast have agreed to sow seed crops after they harvest the famous Jersey Royal potatoes. These protein-rich seeds provide a vital food source for birds like the linnet and goldfinch. You can find out more here.

Before we leave you, we will give you the answers to the questions we set over the past two weeks.

What are the two other names commonly given to the red-billed chough?

Fire crow and sea crow

How do researchers identify individual choughs?

Using uniquely coloured leg rings and radio transmitters

What is a chough’s bill the perfect length for?

Reaching down into the ground for insects to eat. Bonus point if you said they can reach the eggs in ant nests.

Name three things needed to build a chough nest?

Twigs, heather thatch, wool, moss, horse hair are all acceptable answers. It varies depending on which country the choughs live.

How long does it take for a chough to re-grow its feathers during the annual moult?

It takes 90 days to  moult their tail feathers and 152 days in total to moult all their feathers.

Name three ingredients that make up a chough chick hand rearing meal?

Pinky mice, papaya, and insects

Now the maths questions:

How much longer does it take for a chough egg to hatch than a stonechat?

This question was a little tricky as it required you to do some searching.  Chough egg takes around 21 days to hatch. A stonechat  takes 13 days. So a chough egg takes 8 days longer.

If a chough egg hatches on the 30th April when is the chick likely to fledge?

It takes 42 days before a chough chick fledges and can fly away. So if it hatches on the 30th April you would expect to see it out of the nest around the 11th June.

When hand rearing a chick, if the feed pot weighs 15.45g before the feed and 9.30g after, how much has the chick eaten?

6.15g How much a chick eats will vary at each feed. Over an entire day they need to eat about 15% of their body weight to stay healthy.

How many did you get right? If you want to set us your own questions then leave comments on the blog site.

Enjoy the rest of the your time with Living Islands LIVE. We hope you can come us visit us some day!

Sorel at sunset

Sorel at sunset