Whilst on Burhou this past Saturday the AWT team spotted a group of 30 Puffins rafting.

Puffin Raft

Puffin Raft

Puffins will spend a lot of time rafting in the early stage of the season as they gather together and renew breeding pair bonds. But there are also a few key behaviour traits that you will be able to see on the camera at this time of year.

The first behaviour to look out for is 'billing'. This is a courtship ritual where a breeding pair of Puffins will click and rub their bills together in a display of affection; some people call it a 'Puffin kiss'!


Once the Puffins have paired together again then they will start to prepare their burrows for breeding. Firstly the male will dig out the burrow to clean it out after soil has built up during the Winter. After preparing the burrow some pairs may decide to make it more cosy by lining the burrow with dried vegetation and feathers.

Nesting Material

So keep an eye out on the camera and post in the comments below if you see any of these types of breeding behaviour this week. Come back for tomorrows Daily Digest to learn about the more general Puffin behaviour you will be able to see.

Weather Forecast:


Tuesday 23rd April

Max 9 degrees /Β Min 7Β degrees

Wind direction: Westerly 10mph

Description: Fog

Today's Puffin Fact

The male Puffin will dig the burrow, using its beak and feet to remove the soil.