To celebrate the successful launch of Living Islands: Live - A Puffin Season on Burhou, we at the Alderney Wildlife Trust would like to present you with the following clips of seabird activity on Burhou. See if you can answer our questions in the comments below, and enjoy!



Watch 3 Puffins investigate their home for the next 4 months just after arriving back on Burhou.

3 Puffins

See how Puffins react when a potential threat is seen coming to land. Can you identify what bird the Puffins were hiding from?

Puffins Hide From a Threat

Enjoy the sight of a Puffin digging out its burrow. What is it doing this for?

Puffin Digging

2 Puffins take a quick look at their neighbours burrow. Aside from another Puffin what could be living in there?

Puffins Checking the Neighbours

A Gull takes a look at us through the camera lens. But can you tell us which of the 3 Gull species it is?

Gull Looking At You

An Oystercatcher is checking out the Puffins home at night. If it was in daylight, what colour would the Oystercatchers beak be?

Oystercatcher at Night

Weather Forecast:


Friday 19th April

Max 9 degrees / Min 7 degrees

Wind direction: North Westerly 15mph

Description: Sunny

Today's Puffin Fact

Female Puffins will choose a male with the biggest and most colourful bill to breed with.