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Read by David

Puffins on the camera

Puffins on the camera

It is always nice to be greeted with this view when coming into the office for work (despite the rain drop on the camera lens). But what happened over the next hour, in the life of the Puffin living in burrow F8 last Wednesday, was so entertaining we have to share it with all of you!


In the beginning of our story we see the Puffin return to its burrow early in the morning before it is met by other Puffins, and its mate comes to say hello after spending the night in the burrow.

Act I


But after a quick trip to the skies our Puffin returns and is met by an entirely different neighbour. Luckily the Puffin is too quick and sneaky for the Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Act II


Despite running away from another Lesser Black-backed Gull our Puffin begins to get more confident and collects nesting material whilst the Lesser Black-backed Gull sits nearby and preens.



Our Puffin has continued to collect nesting material in the presence of one Lesser Black-backed Gull, but the entrance of a second one makes the Puffin jump! The Puffin retreats into the burrow just in time as the Lesser Black-backed Gulls begin to mate.

Act IV


After the Lesser Black-backed Gulls have left, our courageous Puffin emerges one more time before finally flying away to feed. We then get a final shot of the Lesser Black-backed Gull coming past with its own nesting material!

Act V

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolMonday 13th May

Max 10 degrees / Min 9 degrees

Wind direction: Westerly 19mph

Description: Sunny Intervals

Today's Puffin Fact

A Puffin will eat many types of small fish, but they prefer Sandeels.