How much do you know about the problem of climate change? This is a global problem that will affect everyone in the world in different ways.


Alderney is a small island, which would potentially mean we could be affected by rising sea levels as ice melts in the polar regions. However much of the town and residential areas are quite high above sea level - however, the islet of Burhou is no more than 8m above sea level, meaning there is a potential threat to the seabirds that nest there.

No much development goes on in Alderney so problems that contribute to climate change, such as deforestation or road building is also not so much of a problem here.

However - again because we are an island - the sea is always present in the life of the species here and also defines many of the habitats. As sea temperatures change the species that live in certain regions move. This means that fish, the food source for some of our most iconic birds, may either become more scarce or the fish species that move in to the waters here are not ones our seabirds eat.

We are seeing this problem with puffin species already. The sand eels they eat are moving north meaning the puffins have less food where they usually live. This means they either move north too, and face having to find new homes and habitats or they find a new food source. As they are adapted to rely so heavily on seabirds they must do the first option. This is one of the major reasons puffins are red listed by many conservation organisations.

Other human caused problems such as oil spills are also a great threat to our natural environment. Because Alderney is so small, if there was an oil spill it would be up to Franceto help us.

What other issues environmentally might be caused by climate change? If the weather where you were was constantly 2 degrees warmer how would that affect wildlife?