To celebrate the launch of Living Islands: Live the AWT team will be posting a new blog every day this week. These posts will look back at what has happened in the early season so far and will look forward towards what is to come over the rest of the summer.

But let’s start with what everyone wants to see, Puffins! The Puffins arrived back on Burhou on the 19th March, but then seemed to disappear again. But last week the Puffin activity on land increased with great views of them on camera both on the evening of Monday 8th and lunchtime of Thursday 11th April.

Puffin Clip

After the AWT team counted 52 Puffins rafting in the waters off Burhou on the 8th April the number of Puffins on land will increase from now on. Look out for them digging out the burrows, collecting nesting material and billing as the season really gets underway!

Puffin Raft

Puffin Raft

But Puffins are not the only species to be nesting in the burrows on Burhou. Many of the Puffins are actually using old Rabbit burrows as their nesting sites, and in some places the two may be sharing the same burrow. Over the course of the season look out for Rabbits and Puffins using the same burrows.

Baby Rabbit


The weather today:
Sunday 14th April

Max 13 degrees / Min 6 degrees

Wind direction: South-West

Description: Sunny, Few Clouds.

Today's Puffin Fact

Puffins have spent the entire Winter at sea, not going to land until they returned to Burhou last month.