Welcome to habitats week! This week we will look at a different habitat found on Alderney each day, try and think if you have something similar near you for each one

First we will look at clifftop habitats which cover the south end of Alderney. Becuase they are often very exposed to the wind clifftops rarely have trees on them, and if they do they tend to be short and twisted. Most of the plants that grow on cliffs are very hardy - but some of the flowers there give beautiful displays - great for pollinators

Cliffs with soft soil or sand often make great habitats for insects as they make their burrows inside the cliff face and there are often more plants able to grow here, leading to a higher diversity. Can you think why only some plants will be able to grow on the cliffs? Soft cliffs have a variety of microhabitats (which are small changes making them suitable for invertebrates).

Rocky cliffs have lots of ledges and crevices which provide a home for seabirds. Razorbills, guillemots, gulls and fulmars are just a few of the species that use these ledges to nest in Alderney. The Gannets of Les Etacs and Ortac are on rocks out to see, but the habitat is the same as a cliff face, with those highest up getting the most protection from the sea