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Read by Yvonne

Today marks the start of a very special change in the Daily Digests. From now on each Thursday will see a different member of Alderney Wildlife Trust staff introduce themselves to you. In their posts each staff member will tell you a bit about their work on Alderney and what wildlife they have seen. This week Phil Henderson, the Reserves Officer, will tell you all about his job.

- Tim Morley, Seabird Ecologist

Hi everyone, it’s great to meet you all!  I’ve just about got my land-legs back after helping Tim and Vicky with their latest Burhou trip – quite an adventure!  I saw my first Shag nests, and, just as we were leaving, a female Hen Harrier flew overhead!

Shag nest.

Shag nest

Recently on Alderney I’ve been busy maintaining footpaths - clearing back overgrown vegetation using a combination of tractor, strimming machines and the support of our dedicated team of conservation volunteers.

Phil cutting back vegetation - you can see Burhou in the background!

Phil cutting back vegetation - you can see Burhou in the background!

A big part of my job is to enable access to Alderney’s important wildlife and heritage sites.  At Blue Bridge we had to overcome the problem of footpath flooding, which we achieved by un-blocking the drainage pipe that carries the stream beneath the path.  We also cleared fallen vegetation from the stream-sides, and at a different point along the path, created an artificial channel to improve water drainage.

Blue Bridge drainage

Blue Bridge drainage

Perhaps my favourite project so far has been building a raft for Longis pond, which is a freshwater reed-bed habitat in one of our nature reserves.  The raft should provide wetland birds with a dry and safe place to rest and breed, while also giving visitors a good view of the birds.

Phil and the volunteers towing Longis raft into position.

Phil and the volunteers towing Longis raft into position

So I’m interested to know, have any of you had good views of birds or other wildlife around school?

- Phil Henderson, Reserves Officer

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolThursday 2nd May

Max 11 degrees / Min 9 degrees

Wind direction: North Easterly 16mph

Description: Sunny

Today's Puffin Fact

Puffins typically live for 18 years.