In 2015 we launched Project T.A.G. or Track a Gannet

This project helps us find out where the Gannets of Alderney go to forage for fish. This is useful to us because some companies have planned developments in the Channel right where the Gannets feed. We need baseline data on where they go and for how long so we can advise on how these developments (mostly clean energy e.g. wind or tidal power) should be constructed.


T.A.G. is now in the second year and I am very excited to tell you that today one of our Gannets made by far the longest journey we have ever recorded - travelling almost as far as Norway. If you have a look at the map - then you'll see how much further this Gannet has travelled than the other 11 we have tagged. On Friday I will explain how the tags work and what happened when some of the team went out and attached the tags to the Gannets (along with lots of rings).