The Puffins may be exhibiting some interesting breeding behaviour at this time of year. But there are also a number of other things that you can see Puffins do at any time.

As Puffins spend a lot of time diving into the water to catch fish their feathers must be waterproof, otherwise they would get too cold. To keep their feathers waterproof Puffins must preen themselves. Preening is when birds will use their beak and tongue to clean their feathers.

Puffin Preening

But sometimes preening is not enough to remove a bit of dirt and a Puffin will have a good scratch to clean itself.

Puffin Scratching

The most common thing that you will be able to see Puffins do on the camera is take-off into flight or land back on the ground.

Puffins coming in to land

Puffins coming in to land

As Puffins are much more comfortable flying or swimming their landings can sometimes be a bit clumsy. But don't worry, they are tough little birds and a small bump on the ground doesn't harm them - although they may be a bit embarrassed when they get caught on camera!


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Today's Puffin Fact

Puffin burrows are located on grass verges of cliff-tops or on coastal islands.