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Read by David

So far, to get to Burhou we have been hiring a boat. But the main event for the AWT team of the past week has been getting our own boat into the water. After a lot of hard work by our dedicated staff and volunteers over the past months the final touches were made on Wednesday, and she is now fully fixed and painted. As of Thursday she went into the water, so say hello to 'Sula of Braye'.

'Sula of Braye'

'Sula of Braye'

It was certainly a big project getting her into the water but we are very excited to have her available as the breeding season picks up pace and there is a lot of work for her to do.

'Sula' being transported to the harbour.

'Sula' being transported to the harbour

'Sula of Braye' Launch

Our boat got her name from two different things. ‘Sula’ is an ancient name for Gannet and Braye is the name of a beach and harbour on Alderney. So we decided to call her ‘Sula of Braye’, we think it is quite a pretty name as well.

'Sula' has been put to work already, taking us out to on Friday and Monday. Despite not going on to the island on these occasions we were still able to see the Puffins rafting in the bay. On Monday most of them were out fishing so we only saw 27.

But on Friday there were 96 Puffins! We could also see some around the burrows on land so we have now passed the 100 mark for Puffins on Burhou this year! There will be some more to come in over the next week but they look like they are ready to lay their eggs, which means a lot of interesting updates on their progress throughout the rest of the breeding season.

Puffins rafting

Puffins rafting

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolTuesday 7th May

Max 16 degrees / Min 11 degrees

Wind direction: South Easterly 10mph

Description: Sunny Intervals

Today's Puffin Fact

Male Puffins will fight with each other over a female Puffin or a good nesting site.