Hedgehogs are foragers, which means they will travel long distances to look for food such as worms, centipedes and other insects. Some hedgehogs have been known to travel up to 5km in one night!
This means that hedgehogs use a lot of different habitats to travel and to forage as well as to sleep and hide from predators. Mosaic habitats are the best places to find hedgehogs - places that have areas of long and short grass and hedges or brambles.

hed 2Hedgerows are used by hedgehogs to travel under cover, in the UK this means they can avoid coming across predators such as badgers. On Alderney hedgehogs don’t have as many predators as there aren't any badgers or foxes, but hedgehogs like to follow the same routes as this makes them feel safer.

Open grassy areas are used by hedgehogs to look for food. They root around in the longer grass and hunt insects. We often find hedgehogs on the golf course because it has both short and long areas of grass, and has trees and shrubs nearby.

Another good place to find Hedgehogs is gardens, as gardens will often have hedgerows or fences hedgehogs can walk along and it is often quite easy for them to move from one garden to another. They are surprisingly good swimmers so sometimes they will swim through ponds. Lawns are good places for them to feed as well as flowerbeds, and garden sheds and other buildings can give them places to sleep or rear their young.

Because hedgehogs sleep during the day, they often make ‘nests’ in overgrown areas that they can sleep in at night. They don’t have homes they stay in all the time, so sometimes a hedgehog will stay in a nest another hedgehog has made instead of making a new one! In winter hedgehogs hibernate in better, warmer nests than the ones they use to rest in during the day.