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Read by Yvonne

Whilst you have all been enjoying a week off from school, and we have been involved in a week of wildlife activities, the Puffins have been very busy!

On Sunday the 26th May 156 Puffins were seen rafting outside the main colony, and a further 40 were rafting on the West end of Burhou. These are the highest numbers of rafting Puffins so far this year! During our boat tours as a part of Wildlife Week we regularly saw the Puffins flying around the boat in great numbers.

Puffins rafting

Puffins rafting

It is not just on the sea where the Puffins have been busy. Throughout last week there were times when the camera was absolutely full of Puffins!

Loads of Puffins!

But the most exciting development in the world of Puffins over half-term was the first signs of Pufflings hatching! Remember we won't see the Pufflings until they fledge, but we will see the adults bring fish into the burrows for them to grow strong on. Here is the first clip of an adult carrying fish into the burrow this year!

Puffin Carrying Fish

Keep an eye out for signs of this exciting behaviour on the cameras, and let us know when you see a Puffin with fish in its beak in the comments below.

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolTuesday 4th June

Max 12 degrees / Min 9 degrees

Wind direction: North Easterly 16mph

Description: Sunny Intervals

Today's Puffin Fact

A Puffin egg will only weigh 64g.