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Read by David

It is time for another set of videos and questions. As we are nearing the final stages of the Puffins breeding season the activity on the camera is starting to increase. This is because the adults are spending more time out of their burrows, waiting for the Pufflings to become more independent and leave the burrow for the first time.

Our first clip shows a couple of Puffins calling to each other, listen to their call and tell me what you think it sounds like? I think it sounds like a cross between two of our more common domestic animals, can you guess what they are? Also, can you see what behaviour the Puffins were attempting before the Rabbit scared one of them into the burrow?

Puffins Calling

In this second clip we can see a Lesser Black-backed Gull finding and eating a fish. But it is very small as it would have been caught by a Puffin and left on the floor. Can you remember what type of fish Puffins catch?

Gull Eating a Fish

In this clip we see why a Puffin will occasionally drop a fish in the grass for a Gull to find. Sometimes a Gull will chase the Puffin in an attempt to steal a fish from it, in this clip the Lesser Black-backed Gull is successful. But can you remember what the name is for when a Gull steals a fish from a Puffin?

Gull Steals a Fish

In this clip we get an unexpected sighting of a Puffin at night! But this is a glimpse into what is to come as, although this clip is of an adult, the Pufflings will be emerging from their burrows in the early night anytime now. Why do you think they choose this time to leave the burrow?

Late Night Stroll

Our final clip today is just a short one of a couple of Puffins taking to flight. Both Puffins came out of the same burrow meaning they have left the Puffling in the burrow alone. This encourages the Puffling to leave the burrow and fledge, but the adults will still be around to look after the Puffling on the water.

Puffins Take-Off

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolFriday 5th July

Max 17 degrees / Min 12 degrees

Wind direction: North North Westerly 5mph

Description: Sunny Intervals

Today's Puffin Fact

Every animal has a Latin (also known as scientific) name. The Puffin is Fratercula arctica.