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Read by Matthew

Just a quick video and picture for you all today, taken during yesterday mornings trip to Burhou they show a very exciting moment in the seabird season this year as the number of nests are rapidly increasing. But we would like to know if you can identify the different nests. So take a look at the picture and video and see what you think they are.

In the picture we can see the eggs of a species that is on Burhou, it prefers to nest in grass verges of cliff-tops and coastal islands. It will also nest colonially, laying up to 3 eggs. This species only occurs in small numbers on Burhou, as opposed to its cousin, which appears in numbers above 1,000. Do you know what species this nest belongs to?

Mystery nest

Mystery nest

In the video we see two different nests very close together. One is the much more common species related to the one in the nest above, whilst the other is a species that we have seen many pictures of eggs from before. Do you know what species' these nests belong to?

Neighbouring Nests

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weather-symbolFriday 17th May

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Wind direction: East North Easterly 20mph

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Today's Puffin Fact

Puffins have an extra bone in their jaw, this allows them to keep both parts of their bill parallel to keep all the fish in place.