Good morning and welcome to LIVE 2016!

I am really looking forward to introducing Alderney to you all this week, especially the beautiful wildlife and nature we have here.

Our topic for this week is Island Life where we will tell you a little bit about Alderney and the unique way of life on our small island. Over the 11 weeks we will also cover:

  • Habitats
  • Adaptations
  • Food chains
  • Lifecycles
  • Birds on the Edge
  • History from Romans to WWII
  • Conservation and protection

Expect plenty of input from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, La Société Guernesiaise and some of our friends around the Channel Islands and UK.guernsey trip

My name is Claire and I’m the People and Wildlife Officer here in Alderney. My main job is running LIVE and making sure the webcams are showing pictures as much as possible! This year we have changed a lot of our camera system but we hope one of our new cameras will be able to show you all our puffins out on the water. I will also have the chance to get out and help with some of the monitoring work with our Ramsar ecologist along with my other work organising the events and running the social media accounts for the Trust.

Installing the solar panels to power the cameras on Burhou

Installing the solar panels to power the cameras on Burhou

You’ll meet our Ramsar Ecologist Filip later in the week, he will be keeping you up to date on our seabirds and the work he does with them.

Keep in touch with any work you do with LIVE – here are a couple of questions for you to think about today:

-Can you find Alderney on a map?

-What is the closest town on the mainland to Alderney? How far is that from you?

This week we have a video conference on Thursday and Friday so please let me know if you’d like to get involved and I will book you a time slot ( Your class should bring any questions they have about life on a small island and the diversity of wildlife we have here – especially the seabirds.