Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE 2017!

This week our topic is Islands, where I will be introducing Alderney and our puffins to your classes.

Our full topic timetable can be found here and below is a brief rundown of the weekly topics:

  • Islands 24th-28th April
  • Habitats 1st-5th May
  • Adaptations 8th-12th May
  • Food chains 15th-19th May
  • Lifecycles 22nd-26th May
  • Birds on the Edge (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) 5th-16th June
  • History from Romans to WWII (La Société Guernesiaise) 19th-30th June
  • Conservation and protection 4th-15th July

My name is Claire and I’m the People and Wildlife Officer here in Alderney. My main job is running the Trust's education projects both on island and the LIVE programme. I am also in charge of the communications here, so I write for the local paper and give interviews for the TV and radio. You’ll meet our Ramsar Ecologist Abbie this week as she introduces the monitoring work she does with our seabirds.

Every day I will post a blog around the topic for the week to go with the resources and activities on the website. Each blog will have a few questions to get you thinking further about the post.

This week in Alderney we have some very species guests. We have some ministers visiting from lots of the British o=Overseas Territories including Gibraltar, the British Virgin Islands and the Pitcairns. They are here to talk about the environment in their islands and how Brexit will affect them. These islands, all around the world, hold a high proportion of the UK's biodiversity including lots of endemic species (found only in that one place in the world). Have a look at the map below - did you know there were so many?

Alderney, along with the other Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, is a Crown Dependency rather than an Overseas Territory

-Can you find Alderney on a map?

-What is the closest town on the mainland to Alderney? How far is that from you?

If you have any questions please email me ( Tomorrow I will introduce the town of St Anne to you, where the majorit of Alderney's residents live.