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During half-term the Alderney Wildlife Trust entertained a host of local residents and tourists with many events in our very own Wildlife Week! The events were a huge success and I would like to tell you all about them:

Flag Day

On Saturday the 25th May we started the Wildlife Week with Flag Day, to put it simply we took turns collecting money from some very kind and giving people on the main street of Alderney to raise funds for the AWT work program. This year we raised over £380 pounds to help protect our wildlife, which we are thrilled with. I may have got a bit carried away though and spent 2 hours in a very special costume to raise as much money as possible:

Tim taking the new term of 'Puffinologist' a bit too far!

Tim taking the new term of 'Puffinologist' a bit too far!

I have got to say though, I enjoyed being a Puffin for 2 hours immensely and will probably be doing it again later in the year!

BBQ and Concert

The events kicked-off in style with a joint Wildlife Trust and Alderney Arts Festival concert and BBQ. Over 400 people came to be entertained and enjoy some great food, many of them over for the Bank Holiday weekend from France. The AWT staff were on hand to serve the food and drinks but also got the opportunity to enjoy the music themselves. So many people enjoyed the event that it set a great standard that continued throughout the rest of the week.

The food marquee full of happy visitors

The food marquee full of happy visitors

Kayaking Tours

Our Trust Manager, Roland Gauvain (who will do his own Daily Digest later in the term) started the various activities with a Kayaking tour of the bays around Alderney. These proved to be a very popular event, everyone that took part highly recommends Kayaking as the best form of transport to explore the shoreline as during these tours they got the most amazing views of caves that very few people have ever seen!

(Sorry the clip is sideways!)


Seabirds and Seals Boat Tours

One of the main parts of Wildlife Week that I was involved in was the Seabirds and Seals tours. Taking 'Sula of Braye' around Burhou, Les Etacs and Coque Lihou allowed visitors to get amazing views of all our seabirds whilst getting a personal guide from either myself or Juan. Unfortunately no seals were seen in the week, but in the clip below you can see people enjoying one of our tours, and the view they get of Burhou.

Boat Tour

Exploring the Night

It wasn't just events that allowed people to enjoy the sunshine in wildlife centric ways that we did. With so much nocturnal wildlife to see the Wildlife Trust also did an exploring the night event. During this event people got the chance to be an ecologist, using bat detectors to locate Pipistrelle bats. There is always the bonus of finding a Blonde Hedgehog as well!

Night Walk

A Day of Foraging

Whilst it is always great to just enjoy watching nature, we mustn't forget how valuable it is as a resource. We rely on farming and processed food so much, without even realising what is available to us in a sustainable way from nature. So the Wildlife Trust had a day of foraging. First looking at what coastal plants are available to collect and eat, and then by exploring the rockpools for seaweeds, crabs and molluscs people were able to learn about the amount of amazing natural food there is for us to eat out there. But I will let you wait until Thursday to learn more about this when Paul, our Terrestrial Ecologist, introduces himself to you by telling you all about his foraging (amongst his other responsibilities).

Birds of Land and Sea - Bird Race

A Bird Race is a bit of friendly competition between two teams of people bird watching. The two teams try and see which team can see the most birds in two hours! Aurelie and I had a team that found 19 species! But Phil and Anne-Isabelle (who you will meet properly in a few weeks when she writes her Daily Digest for you) had a team that found 27 species! After such a fun afternoon the teams joined up for a well earned rest.

The Bird Race teams enjoy a hard earned drink

The Bird Race teams enjoy comparing which species they found

It is strange, when you are working within a time limit you can miss the most common birds that we normally take for granted. Neither team found a Robin in two hours!



SOS - 'Save Our Seas' Fundraiser

After all the fun taking part in events in the sunshine our week ended on a serious note. Many of us are aware of the dangers marine pollutants pose to Seabirds, and of the devastating impact Polyisobutylene (PIB) has had on UK colonies so far this year. But to try and raise awareness even more, and in an attempt to get everyone working together to ban the disposal of polluting substances into the marine environment, we hosted a fundraising dinner on the dangers of marine pollution.

Richard White - the Devon Wildlife Trust Marine Advocacy Officer came - came to talk to us all about PIB and how we can prevent it

Richard White - the Devon Wildlife Trust Marine Advocacy Officer - came to talk to us all about PIB and how we can prevent it

With Wildlife Trust staff in attendance, and giving talks on the pollution issue, the night was a huge success raising lots of money for research and pollution prevention. But everyone can help in many ways - so keep up to date with our program as we will soon be asking schools to take part in writing to politicians to get the dumping of pollutants in to our seas banned!

Now that you have learnt all about the exciting events that we had during half-term we would all like to know what you got up to in the holiday? What wildlife did you see, where did you go and most importantly - did you have fun? Tell us all about your adventures in the comments below.

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