The puffin has taken off again and we have called HER Simone - which after a lot of thought, Phileas being rejected, was Jacques Cousteaus wifes name.

With Year 4 she helped make film trailers and then helped them with their numeracy. She also watched the last Osprey before it left the nest - getting a few hints on how to look bigger when faced with a gull trying to steal your sand eels.

Haydn TP 1!

Haydn TP 2

Haydn TP 3

Haydn TP 4

This one is Simone trying out the Gannet nest that some of my boys are making - she liked it but decided it was too big for her and too exposed.

Haydn TP 5


Simone also spent some time with the Year 2's at Haydn and had lots of adventures.

Haydn TP 6

Haydn TP 7

Haydn TP 9

Haydn TP 12

Haydn TP 8

Haydn TP 14

Haydn TP 13

Haydn TP 15

Haydn TP 16

Haydn TP 17

Haydn TP 18