Apologies for the confusion! The video conference will remain on THURSDAY AT 2PM.
For anyone still interested in doing the conference on Wednesday instead please email Holly on peopleandwildlife@alderneywildlife.org

This week has been a short one due to May Bank Holiday weekend! I have done 3 boat tours over the weekend taking tourists to see our rafting Puffins on Burhou and our Gannets on Les Etacs. Some were even lucky enough to see over 100 Razorbills and Guillemots who nest out on another of our islets – Coque Lihou. Both of these birds are part of the Auk family (the same as the Puffins) and if you are lucky enough to see all three of these birds in flight then you might notice they have very similar flight patterns. Unlike Puffins, both Razorbills and Guillemots nest on bare rock (with no nest material at all!). To stop their egg from rolling off the rock they have evolved pear shape eggs which means the eggs will just roll around on the rock in a small circle rather than off the edge! Clever birds!

Razorbill - Bitmap in Wildlife Week 06 - cazGuillemot









Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! Myself and Vicky, who has just arrived back on Alderney to finish her PhD on tagging Gannets, is going to help me do a nest count on Little Burhou. We can only access Little Burhou via Burhou on a low tide when the water is shallow enough to be able to walk across the rocks. We only do this trip twice per season to reduce our disturbance to the birds that are breeding over there and it is also an extremely difficult area to access. We have a small population of Cormorants which we will include in our count but the main reason is to count how many Shag nests we have and this will be included in the Channel Islands Seabird Census. A Seabird Census is a count of all the breeding populations of seabirds across a specific area. The UK is starting their Seabird Census this year and even though we aren’t technically a part of the UK but are a crown dependency (which means we are still governed by the Queen), the Channel Islands have decided to do a separate Seabird Census that coincides with the UK one. I will keep you updated on our progress in the next ecologist update!