Colony camera
Colony camera

Colony Cam is generally the best camera for views of the colony and the puffins sitting out at sea. Main Cam focuses on a few burrows which you can often see the puffins coming in and out and milling around above ground. 

Puffin cameras live from the island of Alderney during their breeding season, March - July. Enjoy watching the birds go through their breeding cycle, arriving back on Alderney, clearing burrows and building nests, laying their eggs and then raising chicks. Why not see how many puffins you can count rafting on the water on Colony Cam. Or how many fish the puffins are bringing back to their puffling on the Close Up Cam? And look out for stand offs between puffins and rabbits on the Main Cam

If you want to find our more about puffins and the other seabirds on Alderney check our our teaching resources page! 

Each of the cameras put out an infrared light at night, this does not harm or affect the birds but means you can watch Burhou's nightlife - including the puffins, storm petrels, bats, rabbits and gulls. 

To find out more about coming to Alderney to see the puffins for yourselves please head to the the Visit Alderney website

The puffin cams are provided free of charge and any support you can offer to keeping them running will be gratefully received.
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