Our newest camera has the ability to pan across a wider area of the puffin colony on Burhou (2 miles offshore of Alderney), showing the entirety of the main area the puffins use for their burrows. We hope you enjoy the views of Alderney in the background and the Swinge - the fast moving channel between the two islands - and you can even see the other 2 cameras in the foreground! We can also zoom in on the gannets on Ortac with this camera, look out for that.
The camera will do a tour of the island daily at 2pm and 4pm, showing the puffin nesting area, the birds on the water and some of the gulls which also nest in the area.

Colony Cam is great at the start of the season, before the birds are on land much, as they can be viewed resting or 'rafting' on the water. Once the birds are starting to make their burrows we can use Colony Cam to focus on certain areas or cover the wider breeding area. Use the tours from the camera to look out for other wildlife on Burhou including gulls, rabbits and petrels. 

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PuffinCam is situated 2 miles offshore, it is also very exposed to the elements and the wildlife around it.  We apologise for any loss of signal and we will do our best to make sure its temporary when it does happen.  However, please feel free to report problems to us by emailing admin@alderneywildlife.org - thank you and enjoy! 

If you are viewing on Google Chrome you will not be able to view the cameras full screen, please try with another browser if you would like a full screen picture. 

If you are viewing this webcam through a Mac or Android devices please note you may need a Flash Media enabled browser to see the stream.
We recommend Puffin Browser for Macs and Photon Flash Browser  for Android devices.

The puffin cams are provided free of charge and any support you can offer to keeping them running will be gratefully received.

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