The cameras are now offline as the puffins have left Alderney for the year. Please check back in spring 2020 when the Burhou puffin cams will be back in action.

PuffinCam is situated 2 miles offshore, it is also very exposed to the elements and the wildlife around it.  We apologise for any loss of signal and we will do our best to make sure its temporary when it does happen.  However, please feel free to report problems to us by emailing - thank you and enjoy!

If you are viewing on Google Chrome you will not be able to view the cameras full screen, please try with another browser if you would like a full screen picture. 

If you are having problems viewing this webcam through a Mac or Android device you will may need a Flash Media enabled browser to see the stream. We recommend for Macs - Puffin Browser and for Android devices - Photon Flash Browser.


These cameras are provided free of charge and any support you can offer to keeping them running will be gratefully received.