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About Claire Thorpe - AWT

Claire studied biology at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2013. Her main focus became the ecology modules, leading to a dissertation on the effects non-native tree species can have on biodiversity. A year off included volunteering for the Wildlife Trust in the Scilly Isles and teaching English in China. Claire then completed her MSc in Conservation at UCL. Her thesis looked at the policy and objectives surrounding a marine protected area in Jamaica, and research involved interviews with politicians, researchers and community members. Post-graduation Claire worked for a natural health charity as their campaign coordinator, gaining experience in article writing, social media and communications.

The dolmen builders

Now things begin to get more exciting in the Neolithic. This is the ‘New Stone Age’ when men were making fine flint tools including arrowheads. For the first time, people came to live permanently in the islands. They started farming and raising domestic animals instead of hunting. So, archaeologists find a lot of Neolithic sites [...]

The Stone Age

The Stone Age is prehistory, the time before history. As there was no writing we don’t know the names of anyone who lived in the Channel Islands, or what they were doing. All we can do is to work out what we can from the things these people left behind. Stone Age people would have [...]

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