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The Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT) is made up of a number of staff members. Our Ramsar Officer works with the cameras to monitor the puffin breeding success and manages the action plan for the site every year.


Welcome to the School Zone Blog. Here you can share your pupils work with other schools involved in the project.  To have your school featured on this page please email Holly at with your photographs, images or updates. We love to see how our schools are utilising the project so please don't be shy! [...]

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Welcome to LIVE 2015!

Hello and welcome to LIVE 2015 This is the Daily Digest. Here you will find out all the latest information and updates from the LIVE team, this includes our ecologists, reserves team and some of our friends from Jersey and Guernsey. Not only will we provide updates but you can also find additional resources, questions, [...]

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Work of the Living Islands Team

Click here to play Read by Charley Hello! We are Martin and Anne-Isabelle and we are the Living Islands Team. Anne-Isabelle and Martin Living Islands is a project about tourism.  Our job is to make Alderney better known in the UK, the Channel Islands and in France, and attract more [...]

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Work of the WATCH Group

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley Alderney Watch have a blonde hedgehog for their logo WATCH is the junior part of the Wildlife Trusts where young aspiring ecologists can begin learning about and surveying the natural world.  In Alderney St Anne’s School pupils are all group members [...]

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Work of the Marine Ecology Team

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley Today Mel Broadhurst (Marine Ecologist) has joined Aurelie to tell you about their work in the marine environment which is important for seabirds, by providing a variety of food including fish, limpets and worms. These marine species are also part of wider food chains, [...]

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Work of the Land Management Team II

Click here to play Read by David On Tuesday Phil and Cristina introduced you to Alderney’s biggest habitat creation project: Alderney Community Woodland. Today they, along with Lindsay Pyne (Honourary Secretary), will look at the island’s largest nature reserve, Longis, which contains a mixture of terrestrial, aquatic, and marine habitats. Habitats on the reserve [...]

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Work of the Land Management Team I

Click here to play Read by David Along with the exciting wildlife of Alderney´s coastline, AWT also works hard to learn about and conserve the island´s terrestrial habitats and species.  “Terrestrial” habitats are those that occur only on landforms, and include grasslands, heath-land and woodland. Today Cristina Gonzalez de la Morena (Conservation Officer) and [...]

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Coming Soon…

Click and Play 11july2013 Read by Chloe Note to schools: The videos in this blog may appear 'private' as we are keeping them from public viewing until appropriately released to raise awareness of our program. But for all the schools taking part you can access the videos by using the download link under each one, or [...]

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Introducing Roland Gauvain – AWT Manager

Click and Play 2july2013 Read by Chloe The final of our Daily Digest guest posts will come from Roland our Manager. Roland works behind the scenes on all of AWT's projects and was a big factor in creating Living Islands: Live. Roland is the last member of the AWT Team to meet. - Aurelie Bohan, People [...]

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